Information and recordings collected by Oddleberry are not shared outside the app, except when you explicitly share a sound or video on Soundcloud or YouTube. Even then, the information is within your control (subject to your agreements with those providers). We never send any of this information to our own servers or systems.

Your Child’s date of birth is only stored within the app itself; it is only used to calculate and display their age when list/sharing previous recordings.

Is Oddleberry recording all the time? No – only when the app is open, and you can see the level indicator at the bottom left hand side of the screen. When iOS applications are recording audio in the background, the status bar flashes red. This is a feature Apple have designed into the platform to give you peace of mind that there is no eavesdropping going on!

We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage data, to help us improve the product by understanding how you use it in the real world. However, no personal data is collected or transmitted using this method.