Frequently Asked Questions

Oddleberry is now free, but I paid for the first release. Huh?

I have decided to switch to a pricing model where the app itself is free, but I can release extra add-ons to the app (coming soon) as in-app purchases.

This is little comfort to those brave souls who paid for the first release of Oddleberry, though, so I plan to offer you all regular freebies and special content once this model gets up and running. The current update should have an intro screen explaining this when it is first run.

Thanks to all those ‘early birds’ who downloaded the first version, and thanks for all the great feedback I have received to help the next versions get even better!

For the rest of you, I hope you really enjoy using Oddleberry to capture lasting memories!

All the words are in English. Do you plan to add other languages to Oddleberry?

Eventually I’d really like to do this, yes. However I am one of those limited individuals who can only speak one language.

If you’d like Oddleberry in your own language and would like to help translate, then I may investigate a “crowd-sourcing” option for adding more internationalisation support to the app…

Will There Be More Pictures?

Yes. I plan to add more and more pictures each time Oddleberry is updated. In the future you will be able to download extra theme packs of pictures, so that you can hear more words as your child’s vocabulary grows.

Can I upload recordings to Dropbox/Facebook/Box/Google Drive (etc)?

Hopefully in the future some of these cloud storage providers will be included as options for sharing your recordings. However, to start with, I felt that the two most appropriate platforms for sharing with were Soundcloud and YouTube. They are both free to sign up, and you can share from them to most other social platforms.

Does Oddleberry record when it’s in the background?

No. Oddleberry will only record when (a) it is in the foreground, and (b) you and your child are looking at the picture book section. You can tell it’s recording, as there’s a level indicator that responds to the microphone.

When any iOS app is recording from the microphone in the background, the status bar glows red so that you know that it is recording. This won’t happen when you close Oddleberry, so you can rest assured.